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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nice Art at Harbor Creamery in Newburyport MA

There was some nice art that was hanging on the walls of the Harbor Creamery store. I think they are really nice. I think it is someone nice to look at while enjoying ones sweets. I believe they are for sale. I think it changes artist every so often. If that is the case, I included the artist information below.

Here is the artist information. Perhaps one could zoom in to get the information listed. I know only of the artist that I read in the above display. 
There is a nice beach at Plum Island. It is just down the road from the store. 

At first I thought this was sideways but she is laying on the diving board. 

Perhaps having this in an ice cream store would make people want the ice cream that is being sold there? 

I am not sure if they have sundae's but I will check the next time I am there.

A banana split does sound good. I will check if the offerings of the store matches the paintings.

This one looks good. 

It is neat since there is a nice beach not far from the store where one can do that at. 

It would be weird that I would not list a link to my own art. I think my art is better but I am more than just a little biased. 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Adult Education Art Classes?

When I lived in NJ, they had adult education classes at the local high school. There were a variety of subjects that was covered. It varied from school to school; some had classes that others did not. It was not limited to adults since there were also teenagers there too.

One class I took with my dad. He had been going to the class for awhile and I decided to join him. It was a lot of fun to do. The teacher - Eli - was a great instructor of art; all kinds of art; whatever one wanted to try (pencil, oil, acrylic, modern, traditional). We supplied our own art material; brushes, canvas, pencils, etc. It was not provided by the school; which meant it was cheaper and we could keep what we used.

It was time well spent since it meant time with Dad. We liked each others art and we challenged each other to do better and helped each other to do better. It is a fond memory of my dad since he has passed away many years ago. I still have most of his art.

It was also good to help others and be helped by others. We got together during the class and outside of the class. It was like a fellowship of artist.

I recommend going to these classes. It is both educational and entertaining. It is good to be exposed to other kinds of art and artists.

Here is one of the paintings that I created during the class. It was a lot of fun to create. There was times I stepped back and think 'did I really create that?'. There were times it took awhile for it to become what I had wanted and other times I changed my mind to what it would become. As one can see by the painting, I am more of a traditional artist. It is what I like to create.
I try different things. I don't just do landscapes but also flowers. I did create a portrait of a co-workers daughter. It came out well but the other portrait - covered up with another painting - did not come out so well (it was of my older sister but I would not have survived if she had seen it).

Newburyport Art Association?

There is a group in Newburyport MA - where I live - that is called the Newburyport Art Association. They have a nice gallery with member art and an art garden in the back.

One can see the building they are in on Water Street. The art garden is in back of the building. One can reach it by the trail that was recently made along the harbor / river. 
Here is the sign for the gallery and gift shop. I wonder if they could make more money selling their art on things instead of just selling their art directly to people? (just thinking out loud since this is what I am trying to do with my art on things  - things produced by Cafe Press [might be other companies that do something similar] and I get a small portion of the profit [which seems fair to me since they do all the work]).

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Nice Art Stores To Shop at?

There are a variety of art stores out there. I like to shop around and not frequent just one place. I think one gets better deals when one shops around.

One of these places that I like to shop at is A.C.More Arts and Crafts. As the name implies, they have more than just art supplies but also craft supplies (huge variety of craft supplies). They have all kinds of art supplies; water color, acrylic, pencils, inks, etc.

One isn't close to me but I think it is worth the trip. I like to check specials before going to one.

Another place I like to shop at is Michael's. It too has a lot of both arts and crafts.

There are a few closer to me than the other place.

Those are ones that I knew of. Of course there are art supplies (and craft supplies) that can be bought at stores that one does not normally think of as art / craft places. I have found some nice stuff at Walmart. I have some nice things at Target. I have even found some simple art supplies at pharmacies, dollar stores and discount places.

One can look online for stores that sell art supplies. I did and found some that I did not know about. By going online, one can find what is closest to where one lives and find out what kind of prices and/or deals and/or sales that they might have. I am always looking for what is new in the area.

It has some of my art on display.
some of my art on things that can be bought.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

White Lighthouse

Here is a lighthouse that I did a painting of. When I started it, I did not realize it would be so tall. One can see that it barely fits on my canvas with a part on top that is above the top of the canvas. It still came out nice. It was inspired / created using a photo in a calendar. It was on lighthouses. I like doing paintings of lighthouses. I will be doing more in the future. 

It is not part of my Cafe Press TomLeeM store but I thought I would post a link to it anyway. It could be part of it in the future. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

White Flowers

I saw a photo of a whole bunch of white flowers. I think they were pretty. I wanted to make a painting of it. I think it came out really nice. I normally do a painting where the flower is really big. This time I decided to do many little flowers. 

I have taken photos of the paintings I do using my cell phone - Samsung Note 4. It seems the camera app that came with it does not do well. I use a free app called Camera 360. It seems to do quite well. I also use my tablet computer - Samsung Tab 2. It does quite well in taking photos. I usually use that when going to places and posting those photos to Facebook.

I have it on my Cafe Press TomLeeM store. I put it on items that I thought it would look good on and those items that I could get the photo file to fit on. I used my tablet computer to take the photos. I have quite a few of my paintings at the store but not all of them. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

A Close Up Of A Cow and A Lone Cow In Front of Barn

This is a painting of a lone cow in front of a barn. I saw a photo of it in a Yankee Magazine. In the photo, the barn wasn't as wide as in the painting. Since I had a wider canvas, I widened the barn too. I think the result was better than expected. It was fun to create.

This is a painting of a close up of a cow. It is from the same photo as the other painting with a lone cow. The photo that inspired this painting is the same as the first painting. It was a Yankee Magazine. Since it has a little closer than the first one, it has a little more detail. I think it came out quite well. 

It is part of my Cafe Press TomLeeM (close up) store. It is part of my Cafe Press TomLeeM (wide view) store. I chose items that I thought it would look good on.

I did this painting of a plate. Instead of making it look like a plate, I painted it to look like one is viewing the cows through the round hole in a building. The cows - like the plate it is based on - is looking at you looking at them. It is not part of Cafe Press store.